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Yachi Shian-Yuan Yang

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Life is a big feast  is  application of  artist Yachi toward her own life, which always meets many dramas and challenges. There was a time, in her early 20s, that she didn’t even know if she was able to live for another day after some trauma.  "  They sometimes still come back to me but I am much stronger and confident now. My wish to be a boy is also connected to such an experience. So Me are among my newest works. I painted them in a deep pandemic at the beginning of 2021, I missed human encounters and find myself in other people, even a stranger however their faces said so much to me than the others on Social Media. Imagine if I were them, what kind of life and expressions I would have. "  said Yachi. 

The artist wrote also that we humans can’t live totally alone, we like to enjoy and celebrate moments with other people. The corona let us see this fact even more clear, even we don’t need to, probably everything and service can do with AI and online. But we like to, yes we like to as we love simply flowers, sense of nature and seasons. Even strangers can be close because they share certain humanity.   

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