Liu Lifen

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Liu Lifen lives and works in Kunming, Yunnan and Sweden.

During the nodes and processes of new period, artist Liu began to create a new series paintings.  We can see her new expression is different from her early paintings. As a mother,  Liu gives attention to all things around her. A newborn baby, a growing daughter accompanied by toys. Nearly close-up of marine life, seawater. All of this is being expressed on her new paintings.  Her former works, like Lake (2017), showed a nearly panoramic view, a bystander's perspective.  Liu often painted a lonely paper boat or a small house, they symbolize any kind of floating, fragility and uncertainty. Unstable things with no destination. Now, the paper boat disappears. She approaches and examine these things. They are a quiet swan, or a sleeping waterfowl rounded by ripples and sea creatures, like soft and warm fabric. New works show some certainty and calm. They are here and don’t need a destination anymore. No longer a far-sighted perspective this time.