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Yan Donko


Yan Donko is an Austrian painter with an ethnic Chinese background who lives temporarily in Norway where she arrived in the summer 2017.

Born in Shanghai in 1965 she experienced the cultures of many different countries and sees the world from an individual East Asian perspective in her paintings.

I don't want to change anything with my painting, I don't want to turn Norwegian landscapes or trees in Chinese landscapes and trees etc., I just want to show that a Chinese artist can depict such motifs very differently than a European one without changing them. I would like to show the viewer in Norway a different perspective of their own landscape and nature, which might be to be first of all thought-provoking and also a lasting encouragement for reflection when looking at them. “Truth is the daughter of time”, says a quote attributed to Francis Bacon. I would like to complement this pearl of wisdom by saying that perspective is the daughter of a cultural region.

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