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Danish Ceramic Artist


Vibbe is a ceramic artist with  Nordic cultural background, and she combines a special old ceramics technique, Obvara, and Nordic visual art style to show her personal language. After high temperature quenching, the cold clay becomes a warm trunk rich in expression. 

Nordic visual art provides one of the best interpretations of life and the future, and it takes the integration of design and life to the limit. 


Obvara (pronounced ab-vara and is sometimes known as "Baltic raku") originated in Eastern Europe (mainly Belarus, Estonia, and Latvia) in around the 12th century.

As Obvara works in the same way as raku, you must use clay (with grog) that can handle the heat as it’s fired at a very high temperature. The pot is then put into a bisque firing and heated to around 1650 F, then taken out while still burning hot, as with raku. The difference is that the pot is then placed in the Obvara mixture flour, sugar, yeast before being dunked in water. The water instantly cools the pot. The result is that the pot comes out with wonderful patterns that can look almost like animal prints or wood at times. This beautiful folk art has seen something of a revival in  recent times.

Obvara is not purely decorative either; it’s said to have spiritual connotations where potters and locals from the villages would believe that the Obvara pattern of eyes that occurred "protected the food their pots held from evil spirits." Obvara pots also absorb moisture very well, so they are known to be great for cooking in.

We are pleasure to show Vibbe's beautiful and special ceramics art.  If you love Vibbe's artworks,  welcome to visit  our art space or art shop and  collect them! 

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