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Henrik Paulsen Berg


Henrik  Paulsen Berg  born in Norway in 1995.

 He has a lot of experience  in both of  his life and art. We can find  some  trace  from  these paintings. In  2017-2019, he  traveled around Asia / Australia and made a living from graffiti gigs for bars / cafes / restaurants.


Henrik`s art inspired by lots from asia, pushwagner, playstation 2, street art, cartoon network, jungle, city. He paints and mix different elements together, f.ex. asphalt, grass, francis bacon, ralph steadman, frank ocean, counter-culture, the occult, eastern philosophy, surrealism, expressionism, brutalism, hieronymus bosch, carl jung, the sea, indigenous people, the color pink, Hunter S Thompson, the body. and son on.  

Finally, we find a fresh,vivid and interesting  world, which is belongs only to this young artist. 

Henrik`s solo exhibition was opened in our space on  27th. Feb. 2021.  Now we keep going on opening the internet exhibition here.  

You can find Henrik`s original artworks what you are intrested in .  

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