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Du Lei


Du Lei , Chinese artist

Graduated from College of Fine Arts in Southwest University

Sichuan Fine Arts Institute,  Chongqing, China

Member of Chongqing Artists Association, China
Member of China Contemporary Women's Painting Association

Solo exhibition experience
2019   "Flowers" Du Lei Oil Painting Solo Exhibition         

             Chongqing Contemporary Art Museum, China
2018   "Workshop" Du Lei Oil Painting Solo Exhibition                  

             Xiexin Contemporary Art Museum, Chongqing, China

Group exhibition experience
2019    Her Art-Remover In the Age of Makeup

             Shanghai Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition. Shanghai
2018    East Lake Spring New Year's Eve Art Exhibition
2017    "Art of Chongqing" Masterpiece Invitational Exhibition
2017    Excellence Award of The National Young Artists Exhibition 
2016    Annual Tour Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Female Artists
2016    The Most Impressive Contemporary Oil painting Master works                               
2016    National Invitational Exhibition. The 2nd Contemporary Women's 

              Painting Association in China .               
2014    Youth Daily E-view interview "Vigorous Straightforward", Chongqing
2014    Biennale Leshan Art, Sichuan, China

During Leisure

artist Du Lei 

Online Solo Exhibition

   02.04. - 02.11. 2021


We will present for you an art series of flowers by Chinese artist Du Lei. This is the artist’s first time sales exhibition in Norway.

Du Lei was born in Chongqing, China. After finishing her university art major, she went to work in a printing factory. Her oil paintings in the early years had a remarkable expressionist style, which showed the living conditions of normal workers, men and women who were working in the factories. Later, she started the creation of more interesting and small works, more focusing on cities, swimming pools, streets, and the images of characters into the social landscape, more like fragments of some stories, but also with more humorous and comic expressions.


Dreaming / Factory series

by Du Lei

Oil on canvas




Reparing in Midnight / Factory series

by Du Lei

Oil on canvas




Fountain / Social landscape series

by Du Lei

Oil on canvas



In the past three years, Du Lei has started to create still life subjects. This series is one of three themes created by this artist over the years. It was not a sudden thought, but just a branch of her concerns. This is undoubtedly related to her personal life and environment. Chongqing is a humid city with gloomy colors. There are small-leaved banyan trees and evergreen shrubs that adapt to this town, and mushrooms grow out of her painting room from time to time. Her favorite flowers are placed in the room all year round. These flowers and plants entered her paintings and became the protagonists of painting that she paid most attention to. The expressionist approach is still the painter's way of enamouring, but with restraint.


Leisure / Social landscape series

by Du Lei

Oil on canvas



I appreciate the certain independence of the artist in her floral series. This is the independence of thinking, no longer afraid the only standard that is focused on  techniques, but focus more on personal emotions and pure dialogue with flowers. Her art has gradually shifted from the secular level of attention to the inner level of self-contemplation.

Another independence is that the artist Du is forming her own a mature artistic language. Such as the color system, rich layers of warm green and subtle variety in gray. The shape of the object loosens and deforms according to artist’s emotion and imagination, which is close to an abstract shape.

Du Lei is also an independent female artist. This is a type that has gradually emerged in contemporary China. She spends most of her time creating in the studio and in the nature. She has never relied on official funding for the economy, and gradually formed her own collection group by selling her works.

Her online exhibition and sales open today until November2021. I hope you pay attention to this artist and enter her art online page to find your favorite works!

Xia Hua 

Curator, Gallery F48






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