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The artist will donate the proceeds of the artwork to
the Nature Conservation Association in Norway / Naturvernforbundet i Norge .

Iwona Woicka Zulawska

For Iwona's painting is a way to show the love for nature. Therefore, the painting process starts in reality with the observation of plants in the wilderness, sketching and taking notes & photographs. In a way is a form of contemplation of the beauty of the plant kingdom. Knowing more about her subject helps to better understand the flora of a place and its links with humankind. All portrayed plants are to be found in Norway and they were used in the past - or are still - for different purposes. For example cornflowers in Norway were treated as medicine, but also used to teint fabrics. It`s interesting that some of the plants were present in Norwegian folklore, but also in the Polish one, being a source of inspiration for e.g. for bunader's embroidery patterns or regional costumes of Poland. We can see them as a connection between Norwegian and Polish countryside.


 “In a way, those plants seem so often so common and humble that people tend to overlook them. Plants, especially their flowers and fruits, are so gorgeous. They usually have the power to make us think about sunny days, spring or summer or the golden autumn! They bring joy and colour to our surroundings and optimism, so needed nowadays.”, Iwona says.

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