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Liu Lifen   


1979  Født i Yunnan -provinsen, Kina

1998-2002  Chinese Painting Department of Yunnan Art Institute, bachelorgrad

2012-2013 Visit Artist i Zürich, Sveits

2005-2006  Besøk artist i Malmø, Sverige

Bor og jobber i Kunming, Yunnan og Sverige



Solo utstilling

2019  “Here · There”, bysse F48, Oslo, Norge

2017   "Solo A Cappella", Tai -prosjekt, Kunming

2015  "Rooftop Convention", Tai -prosjekt, Kunming

2006   “Time of Foreign Land , Wuthering Heights, Malmö, Sverige


To manns utstilling

2017   “What is Man”, KB ART, Simrishamn, Sverige

2016  "Om morgenen", TCG Nordica, Kunming

2007  "Morning Mist" Experimental Fashion Show, TCG Nordica, Kunming

       “Janeric Johansson · Liu Lifen”, Konsthallen I Pumphuset, Sverige

2003   “China Art” , Lista Fyr, Norge


Utvalgte gruppeutstillinger/kunstprosjekter:

2019   "Papir",  Streetview Anderlecht, Belgia

2019   "Constellation- Yunnan oljemaleri siden 1978", CGK Art Gallery, Kunming, Kina

2018   "Human Driven", Ai Wei Art Museum, Kunming

2015   "Kina-Thailand internasjonale kunstutstilling", Rajamangala University of Technology  

        Rattanakosin, Bangkok, Thailand

       "Yi Jing Yunnan", Hong Yang Gallery, Kunming, Kina

  2014   "Ut og hjem", Dha-Tsang Art Space, Kunming, Kina

  2011   “Handelser i kok”, Kulturcentrum i Ronneby, Sverige

  2010   "Ling Long Tower", Yuan Xiaoceng kunstmuseum, Kunming, Kina

       "Ulovlige, midlertidige og prekære tilstander - migrasjon", Pridi Bhanomyong            Institut, Bangkok, Thailand.

       “She's Vision - 2010 International Contemporary Aggressive Female ArtistChengdu

         Invitation Exhibition ”, Qi Sheng Art Museum, Cheng Du

        “Four Season · Spring”, Yunnan kvinnelige kunstnerutstilling, TCG Nordica, Kunming              Kina

  2009   "Song Zhuang Art Festival", Shang Pu Museum, Beijing, Kina

        “Over the Clouds”- reisekunstprosjekter i Dali, Lijiang, XiAn og Beijing, Kina

  2008   "Yunnan-Vietnam Artists Exchange" -prosjekt, YUNART Gallery i Kunming Kina og

         Nhasan Studio i Hanoi, Vietnam

2008     "Chinese Contemporary Art Identity and Transformation", Kalmar Castel, Sverige

        “Folk-08” -prosjekt, Mariannelund, Sverige

2007     "Chinese Contemporary Art Identity and Transformation", Bohuslans Museum,               Uddvala, Sverige

        “Janeric Johansson og Liu Lifens verk”, Konsthallen I Pumphuset, Sverige

2007     "Image Nation - verk av en ny generasjon kinesiske kunstnere", Contrasts Gallery,            Shanghai

2007      Den tredje Guizhou -biennalen, Guizhou, Kina

2006     "Se fremover, se tilbake", YUNART Gallery, Kunming, Yunnan, Kina



2017      KB ART, Simrishamn, Sverige

2015     “Top End Road Trip” Aboriginal Art Research, Australia

2014     “Visit 14”, Artist-in-Residency, Mariannelund, Sverige  2012-2013   Zürich-Kunming           kunstner             

         Residency Exchange Award, Zürich, Sveits

2012     "Curator in Residence" fra "Two Generations Tour Exhibion", Australia.

2009      Prescott University, USA

2008     "My Home Museum" Residency -program, F518 Art Community, Shen Zhen

2007     "Occasion Linking", bostedsprosjekt mellom Beijing og Kunming, Song                 Zhuang, Beijing

2003/2004  "Sugar & Salt" kunstutvekslingsprosjekt ved TCG Nordica (Kina) og Malmø                   (Sverige)

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2020-2021 Nye kunstverk

2019  Her Og Der
Kunstverk på utstilling

The Lake No.1    by Liu Lifen

The Lake No.1 by Liu Lifen

Oil on canvas 180x90cm 2017

The Lake No.2 by Liu Lifen

The Lake No.2 by Liu Lifen

Oil on canvas 180x90cm 2017

Ripple  by Liu Lifen

Ripple by Liu Lifen

Oil on canvas 204x104cm 2019 Sold

Blank No.2     by Liu Lifen

Blank No.2 by Liu Lifen

45.5x30.5cm Acrylic & Water Color on Paper 2016

Bird Man No.3      by Liu Lifen

Bird Man No.3 by Liu Lifen

65x50cm Ink and Acylic on Paper 2016

Touch No.2 by Liu Lifen

Touch No.2 by Liu Lifen

30.5X45.5cm Acrylic, Ink on Paper 2016 Sold

Swimming No.6 by Liu Lifen

Swimming No.6 by Liu Lifen

Water color on paper 30.5X45.5cm 2016

Sadness by Liu Lifen

Sadness by Liu Lifen

Oil on canvas 80x100cm 2015 Sold

Pregnant    by Liu lifen

Pregnant by Liu lifen

Oil on Canvas 45x60cm 2019 Sold

Untitle         by Liu Lifen

Untitle by Liu Lifen

Acrylic, Ink on Paper 30.5X45.5cm 2016

Untitle         by Liu Lifen

Untitle by Liu Lifen

Acrylic, Ink on Paper 30.5X45.5cm 2016

Sniff      by Liu Lifen

Sniff by Liu Lifen

Oil on Canvas 73x60cm 2019 Sold

Crying  byLiu Lifen

Crying byLiu Lifen

Acrylic and Ink on Paper 76x57cm 2016

Waterfall Desire by LiuLifen

Waterfall Desire by LiuLifen

Oil on canvas 30x40cm 2016

My Shadow  by Liu Lifen

My Shadow by Liu Lifen

Oil on Canvas 73x60cm 2019 Sold

Dream by Liu Lifen

Dream by Liu Lifen

Acrylic on Paper 45.5x30.5cm 2016

Dialogue by Liu Lifen

Dialogue by Liu Lifen

Acrylic and Water Color on Paper 45.5x30.5cm 2016 Sold

Untitle by Liu Lifen

Untitle by Liu Lifen

Acrylic, Ink on Paper 30.5x45.5cm 2019 Sold

Here and There

About Liu Lifen and her art  


by Xia Hua

Regarding the title of exhibition,  Here and There, which is taken from a related word wheresoever in a sentence in the Buddhist scriptures Perfection of Wisdom in Chinese. It means constant time and space. Therefore here and there means also now and then. We believe that is suitable for artist Liu Lifen’s artistic creations and some part of her personal life.   Before the artist moved in Simrishamn in Sweden 2018, she had been constantly resident in several studios or spaces in different countries for fifteen years.  It was a worldwide roaming and the living style of this artist.  Liu presents some connection and intrinsic logic in her artworks. We are glad to see these unique soul landscapes of Liu Lifen through the new exhibition today.

In 2018/2019, Lifen experienced an important changing in her life. She moved to Simrishamn in Sweden from Kunming in China due to her new job. Almost completely synchronized, she got pregnant and became a mother. During the nodes and processes of this period, she began to create a new series paintings.  We can see her new expression is different from her early paintings. As a mother,  Liu gives attention to all things around her. A newborn baby, a growing daughter accompanied by toys. Nearly close-up of marine life, seawater. All of this is being expressed on her new paintings.  Her former works, like Lake (2017), showed a nearly panoramic view, a bystander's perspective.  Liu often painted a lonely paper boat or a small house, they symbolize any kind of floating, fragility and uncertainty. Unstable things with no destination. Now, the paper boat disappears. She approaches and examine these things. They are a quiet swan, or a sleeping waterfowl rounded by ripples and sea creatures, like soft and warm fabric. New works show some certainty and calm. They are here and don’t need a destination anymore. No longer a far-sighted perspective this time.

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