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Xia Hua


From 2003 to 2007 worked as an art teacher in the Fine Art College of Chongqing Normal University in China. Moved to Norway in 2008. Website: e-mail: mobile: +47 9067 0563 Education 09.2000 - 07.2003 Master in Art paintings. South West University, Chongqing, China 09.1991 - 07.1995 Bachelor in Graphic Design, Art. South West University, Chongqing, China Exhibition 2020 Installation solo exhibition Gallery F48 Oslo 2019 Group exhibition . Kunming China 2018 Breathing2 solo exhibition Gallery F48 Oslo 2017 Breathing1 solo exhibition Gallery F48 2016 ‘Østutstilling2016’ exhibition. Oslo. Norway 2015 Chinese painting and calligraphy. Oslo. Norway 2010 Oslo Art exhibition, Oslo. Norway 2009 Oslo Art exhibition, Lillestrøm. Norway 2007 Solo exhibition ’Memory’, Shanghai. China 2006 Solo exhibition ’Images Disappearing’, Gallery Nordica, Kunming. China 2006 International Art Exhibition. Korea 2005 Solo exhibition ’Watching In Summer ’. Gallery Room With A View , Shanghai. China 2004 Water color exhibition. Chongqing. China 2003 The 3th. New Century National Art Exhibition, Beijing. China 2002 National Art Exhibition. Beijing. China Personal collections Serie / Running. Serie / Images fading away. Serie / Person with wings Serie/Breath Galleries collections Series/ Images fading away

Oil Pastel on Paper
Oil Painting & Mixed media

Plakat A3 web.jpg

Breath 2020
Installation & Mixed Media 


Chinese silk-Juan is a transparent and tough material, which is one of the most beautiful natural textiles. In the old days' silk-Juan was used to paint and write calligraphy before paper was invented in China. It could be made fan and screen on furniture as well. This material is a typical Chinese code.

In my artwork silk is a symbol. It is natural, pure, elegant and tenacious. But it can not to be burnt and be easily damaged by dirt. I use silk-Juan and cotton paper to create masks, in order to show strong contrast between the pure and the dirty, to show how vulnerable we are when we’re facing threats from pollution. The mask is a helpless protection when unavoidable death is approaching, in my view.

Three years ago, during the trip to China at that time. I had no idea that it would also be a relevant topic in little Norway. During the corona period this year, I just had to complete all installations of my project . Because even here at home, we see this expressionless mass of expressionless people on the streets and buses today. My own anxiety that crept back, like many others. Whoever Chinese or Norwegian. All things have changed all over the world because of this crisis. And my title BREATH still works now.

 Breath 2017-2019

Watercolor Paintings
ere in this series, water is a symbol. After having some difficult experiences in life, you have to give up some heavy baggage to get BREATH. The water shows different situations in life. Regardless - we must try to breathe and gain freedom and love, even if it is not so easy to do when we experience something difficult in our lives ..." I felt like I had finally grown up completely when I painted the people who breathe underwater. It was a wonderful and new experience in my life, and it means a lot to me." said Xia.

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